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JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (September 27, 2021) — Industrial manufacturer Heumann Environmental Company LLC (HEC) has announced the launch of a secure cloud-based software service that empowers customers with extraordinary control to design and build cyclones, the specialized separation equipment used in many industrial processes and pollution control applications.

Developed by subsidiary Heumann Software Company (HSC), the High Efficiency Cyclone Calculator™ — or HECyclone™ for short — represents the first of a suite of secure and validated software services for companies whose operations incorporate reverse flow cyclones. Reverse flow cyclones, most commonly referred to simply as “cyclones,” are used in a wide variety of industrial and energy generation processes. Some of these are petrochemical, pharmaceutical, silicon refining, ethanol production, petroleum refining, forest products, plastics and pigments production, and power generation industries, among others, to separate particles from gas streams.

“This software puts the power to design, validate and build cyclones literally at the user’s fingertips,” said Bill Heumann, president of Heumann Software Company. “In addition to the added flexibility, there’s no limitation on the number of cyclones or unique specifications that domestic or global customers can design, run simulations on, build, and own.”

The software was built on decades of HEC’s technical experience, and more than a century of industry data gathered across multiple applications and scenarios. HECyclone incorporates extensively validated empirical data collected by cyclone and scrubber pioneer, Gerhard Miczek, and employs the same calculations and methods that HEC uses to size and build cyclones to exacting performance specifications. With accurate design data, HECyclone may be used to accurately design cyclones for emission control and valuable product recovery applications as well as for more simple pre-cleaner applications.

Specifically, HECyclone provides precise cyclone performance modeling — from the prediction of cyclone pressure drop, to quantifying the impact that dimensional changes can have on the separation efficiency over the full range of particulate sizes, to calculating overall total collection efficiency from a known particulate size distribution.

The dashboard for HECyclone Calculator, a new cloud-based sizing cyclone software, with an example of a Particle Size Distribution calculation.

Through its easy-to-use interface, customers can select a cyclone model and provide the conditions for its use. All customer-created designs are securely stored and available for password-protected retrieval. For efficiency, all or parts of previous works can be copied or cloned and ready to build new cases or designs. Three pricing packages are available to fit specific needs.

Optional add-ons are available: The Gas Mix Calculator module quickly determines density, viscosity, and relative humidity of a unique mixture of gasses at a specified elevation, pressure and temperature. This data and relevant density/viscosity values are automatically integrated into the cyclone sizing process.

A second module, Overall Performance Calculation, allows for Particle Size Distribution (PSD) data input. This data is then computationally weighed against the cyclones fractional efficiency model and computed to determine overall performance. Users can access a detailed breakdown of each PSD, with a full picture of the (inlet, discharge, and escape mass and PSD in both tabular and graph formats.

Subscribers are eligible for discounts for HEC services such as performance consulting, tutorials, educational seminars, design and fabrication drawings and 3D models. Additionally, HEC offers customized default cyclone sizing pre-selects for operators wishing to sell unique or proprietary geometry cyclones exclusive to them.

“HECyclone is invaluable for a wide range of professionals — from equipment suppliers wanting to design and supply high efficiency cyclones, chemical engineers looking to better understand or optimize their own cyclones; and scientists, researchers or students wanting to learn about the unique effects various geometries can have on cyclone performance,” Heumann said.

In short, the software allows operators to test as many cyclone geometries, operating conditions and design scenarios as needed to determine the most optimal high efficiency cyclone solution for each individual application. Through adjustments in process input values and cyclone dimensions operators can see the effects of those changes across their range of desired conditions.

HSC plans further additions to its software suite to include costing elements and other processes related to the design and operation of cyclones and venturi scrubbers.

About Heumann Software Company

With the launch of HECyclone, Heumann Software Company is revolutionizing the tools for designing, modeling, testing, running simulations and building cyclones. HSC was founded in 2021 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Heumann Environmental Company to allow customers to leverage HEC’s extensive proprietary knowledge and data sets. With his background in air classification technology, Neal Heumann joined HEC’s sales team in 2013 and today directs the software development process. More information is available at www.hecyclone.com

About Heumann Environmental Company

HEC is a world leader in providing high efficiency cyclones, scrubbers and severe duty filters for emission control, product recovery and nuisance dust and fume collection. In addition to its environmental products, the company specializes in fabrication, manufacturing, engineering, consulting, and infrastructure products. The company was founded in 2012 by Bill Heumann, a multiple patent holder and industry veteran who has developed or co-developed proprietary technologies utilizing cyclones and fluidized bed systems. For more information, visit www.heumannenviro.com

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