HEC Decanter

HEC Decanters are a cost effective alternative to swivel joint style decanting pipe. Utilizing a Buna-N grade flex joint boot with a precision machined pivot system, the HEC decanters range of motion is directly in line with the connecting pipe. Standard 90 degree swivel joints have an offset to the existing pipe connection, thus causing a potential for bearings to freeze in position. HEC also includes a centralized lubrication system to alleviate the need to lower a tank to perform maintenence on the unit. HEC decanters are made in a variety of materials such as stainless steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum. Each tank decanter is specifically designed per an application, noting that bouyancy is a governing factor in the weight or type of materials utilized. HEC also includes a stainless steel cable actuator to control the range of motion, inclusive of winch and pedestal.