Bill Heumann Bio

Bill Heumann, CEO, Heumann Environmental Company

As chief executive officer. Bill ensures that HEC’s technical and manufacturing solutions are the best and most efficient available — solutions that truly provide ongoing value. As a scientist and patent holder. Bill understands the project’s technical requirements. As CEO, he knows the importance of the solution’s value and customer satisfaction. HEC is built upon the principle of providing value to all of our stake-holders.

Prior to founding of Heumann Environmental Company. Bill’s career centered on building and leading an environmental products and services enterprise. For more than two decades, Bill served as Chairman, President and CEO of Fisher-Klosterman. Inc. He joined the company in 1979 as a production worker and progressed through engineering, technical and management positions. Bill led the company’s growth into new products and markets, acquiring attractive companies and eventually expanding operations into China. In 2008, the company was sold and became part of an Ohio conglomerate.

On the technical side. Bill has been awarded several patents and has developed or co-developed proprietary technologies utilizing high-efficiency cyclones and fluidized bed systems. He has published several scientific technical papers on industrial air pollution controls and systems. Most recently he co-wrote -Harnessing the Power of Cyclones.’ the May 2011 cover story for Chemical Engineering magazine. He is the author of the Industrial Air Pollution Control Systems engineering textbook published in 1997 by McGraw-Hill.